“Lisa” 911 call

28 Nov

On November 21, 1990 six-year old “Lisa” witnessed her step-father brutally attack her mother and he siblings. Desperate for help she called 911, a chilling call which has since been publicized for educational purposes. Beware that the content below is challenging, but it provides an incredible window into the survivor’s world of domestic violence and if comfortable we challenge bloggers to participate in this awareness raising activity.

Lisa Tape Audio Recording

Lisa Tape 911 Transcript Nov 21, 1990 San Diego, California.

Lisa: Stop it…. The baby… Stop it. Could you just send the police please! Dispatcher: OK, we’re gonna be there. Who’s taking your baby? Lisa: Stop it. No. Stop. I… Dreya, just, Dreya shut up. Dispatcher: Let me talk to your …., where’s your mom?

Lisa: What? Dispatcher: What’s going on?

Lisa: They’re having some fighting. This has been going on forever and ever. They always have this because he has company … and he’s always drinking beer and getting drunk, and mom..Dispatcher: What is his name? What is his name? Lisa: He’s black. Dispatcher: He’s your father? Lisa: He’s my stepfather.

Your father’s name? Is he Hispanic?

Dispatcher: OK, how old is he? Lisa: I don’t know. I don’t know. Dispatcher: Does he have any weapons? Lisa: No, but he’s hurting mommy. Dispatcher: How’s he hurting her? Lisa: He’s making mommy …. Dispatcher: OK. Don’t cry. We’re gonna send the police. Lisa: OK

Page 1 of 4Dispatcher: Now where’s your mother at right now? Lisa: She’s in the room fighting with him. Dispatcher: But you have a little baby sister… Lisa: No, I got a little baby brother and

Dispatcher: He’s trying to take the baby? He’s trying to take the baby brother?

Lisa: Momma’s not drunk.. He thinks he’s drunk… Because he can’t say nothing He’s drunk. My stepdaddy’s drunk.

Dispatcher: Are they in the room fighting? Where are they at now?

Lisa: They’re in the room still.

Dispatcher: They’re in the bedroom?

Lisa: Yea, I don’t want him to do nothing strange with the baby… Because if he drops…He’s a newborn baby. He’s very delicate.

Dispatcher: What do you mean, do anything strange? What do you think he’s going to do to your baby?

Lisa: I think he’s going to take the baby and do something because he’s drunk…. He might …. go off with the baby if he takes it.

Dispatcher: How old are you? Lisa: I’m 6 and my little sister’s 4. Dispatcher: You’re a six year old. You’re six. Lisa: Yea, I’m in first grade and my sister’s in kindergarten. Dispatcher: What is your name? What is your name? Lisa: Lisa. My sister’s name is Dreya. Excuse me. Dispatcher: You’re only …OK

Page 2 of 4

Lisa: OK. Could you just send the police?

Dispatcher: Yea, They’re on the way; I’m going to keep you on the line until they get here. OK. Is your front door open?

Lisa: Oh no.

Dispatcher: Can you go unlock it and come back to the phone so the officers could get in?

Lisa: Just wait please. Lisa: He just knocked my sister down. Dispatcher: What sister did he knock down? Lisa: My little sister, the 4 year old. Dispatcher: What do you mean, he knocked her off?

Lisa: He pushed her down on the floor, and she’s crying. I wish he would stop doing this. He did this ever since she had him.. He just …. He just slapped mommy.

Dispatcher: Which room are they in? Lisa: My mom’s name is Cindy. Dispatcher: OK, Which room are they in? Lisa: They’re in their room.

Dispatcher: They’re in the back room or the bedroom?

Lisa: Oh my god…..

Dispatcher: What’s the matter?

Lisa: Something happened. Just please send the police. Wait I want to go see what happened. Please…

Dispatcher: Ok. The police are on their way. Ok… Hello.. Oh shoot…. Lisa

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Lisa: Mommy ….. My stepdaddy’s got the baby now.

Dispatcher: He has the baby now? Where is he at now?

Lisa: What? Dispatcher: Lisa, where is he at right now?

Lisa: He’s still in the room. He’s got the baby. And he made some red marks on momma’s neck.

Dispatcher: He did what?

Lisa: He made some red marks on momma’s neck.

Dispatcher: Where did he make the red marks on with her neck?

Lisa: On her neck. On the right side, very dark. My momma’s going outside…

Lisa: Momma, don’t…. Mother: Shut up!

Lisa: The police are coming. Mommy….

Dispatcher: Hello, oh .


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